Serious DNS issues for and - SERVICE RESTORED

Service Incident February 25 - 18:25 GMT+1 

We are currently experiencing a DNS problem, affecting our and domains (all ad tags, booking systems and API are inaccessible) The problem started around 18:25 GMT+1, but due to DNS caching it takes some time until it's broadly noticeable, so we don't know the full impact yet. The DNS has been redirected to the Amazon nameserver so the change should be propagating at the moment, but the domain cannot be redirected at the moment. We are working hard on the problem and will have more info soon!


Update 25-Feb-2016 21:10 GMT+1

We are currently seeing traffic numbers rising for all servers, and we believe that for many customers the situation are back to normal.  The DNS changes we did may still need some time to propagate.


Update 25-Feb-2016 21:40 GMT+1 - SERVICE RESTORED

Our workarounds and fixes have taken effect, and we see traffic volumes at normal or  close to normal on all our servers now.   We are not taking further actions in this Service Incident unless additional problems are reported to support.

A public Post Mortem will be posted on this site when we have completed our RCA.

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