Conversion Funnels

The Cxense DMP now supports tracking of conversion funnels. You can access the new features from the Funnels menu in the main navigation for the DMP. 

A web site, such as a news site or an e-commerce site, can require a user to proceed through a number of steps before accomplishing a task. For example, a user might go through a workflow with the intent to purchase a subscription or other digital product. Another example would be to complete a purchase after placing items in a site's shopping cart. These multi-step workflows can be tracked using funnels.

A funnel is organized with one or more steps. A step is a part of a workflow where a user would perform some action. A step can offer multiple options, called "variants".

Every funnel step is associated with a DMP event filter. That is, before building the funnel, you have to instrument your site to send DMP events using a different event type for each step in the funnel. Optionally, you can add custom parameters to the DMP events to allow for multiple variants for each funnel step.



Once you have created a funnel, you can track and report on the progress of users through that funnel. Reports can be viewed for individual steps, as well as aggregated data for a whole funnel. 


You can utilize the "Manage Filters" tab on the left of the window to filter the funnel data.

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