Best Practices for Submitting Requests to Cxense Support

When submitting a support request, please, help us by adding both details and context. Generally, most support requests are very focused on the particular error, and lack to give the context that triggered it. It is always helpful if you can submit information like the data listed below in addition to your request:

1. We would always like to know the name of the account you are logged in as when you have problems.

2. Screenshots illustrating the problem is always good. Do not let your email client compress the image while submitting it. We sometimes receive thumbnail sized screenshots that are of little use.

3. URLs Make sure that the url is visible in your screenshots, but, please, also quote the url separately in text. Do you have example of a url where things work, and one where it does not? Please, send us both.

4. If you happen to have the

  • SiteId
  • CampaignId
  • siteGroupId 
  • AdSpaceId

it is always time saving for support if you submit it.

5. Do not worry that you send too much text, it is quicker for us to disregard information we do not need, than to send you an email asking for the pieces we are missing.

6. The global support team in Cxense is skilled with many languages. As English is known by all members of the team, we are able to respond quicker if you describe your issue in English.

7. How is this problem impacting your ability to run your business? Are, for instance, 10% of your customers not receiving anything of value, or is it even worse? Cxense Support would like to know in order to classify the Priority of your request correctly.

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