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Cxense Video service healthy! 

======= Past Cxense Video Service Incidents=========

2017.08.21 11:30 AM UTC - Video Console down for all customers - Resolved

The console service incident is currently being investigated by our R&D

Update - 21 August 2017, 13:30:00 UTC - There seems to be a problem establishing a connection between our CDN and our origin. This is causing the video console to be unavailable. It also is impacting services that rely on the console for authentication, like the NBA console and services. We are working with our CDN vendor to resolve the issue. We will let you know when we know more

Postmortem for this incident can be found here

2017.07.20 05:35 AM UTC - Power Outage in EMEA datacenter - Resolved

Cxense video impacted by data center service incident. 

Update - 2017.06.20  12:25 UTC Service incident resolved. 

 Post Mortem for this incident can be found here

2016-10-21 - Cxense Video impacted by DDoS attac against the  Dyn DNS service -- Resolved
Please be advised that Cxense Video apis at have been intermittently unreachable since approximately 11:10 UTC due to a DDoS attack against the Dyn DNS service.  This appears to be primarily affecting east coast US internet users.
If you are impacted by this your operations team may be able to work around by changing DNS provider.
Dyn, Inc. Status - DDoS Attack Against Dyn Managed DNS
2016-01-21 - 14:50 UTC- Service restored.
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