New APIs for Pushing and Searching Content


We have introduced the new API “document/update” for pushing content to Cxense. This feature is an alternative to the crawling of pages that normally occurs on a site. You need to disable automatic crawling using the “site/update” API before pushing content.

You can push text content as multiple sections, and structured fields with names and values. The documents are processed to create content profiles. In addition, the documents are indexed and made available for both search and content recommendations.

More information about “document/update” is available here:



The new API “document/search” is used to search content. You specify a query using the Advanced Query Language (AQL), including keywords, filters, and sorting. The search results are returned with the fields you have specified, and can contain additional information such as facets and highlights.

More information about “document/search” is available here:



Finally, there is a new “processing/dictionary/search” API which lets you do real time lookups towards a predefined dictionary. This API can for instance be used to provide a user with instant query suggestions as she starts to type a search keyword.

More information about “processing/dictionary/search” is available here:

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