Performance Events

We have introduced a new event type called Performance Events (or DMP Events). These events can be used to track sub-page events, such as ad tracking, video player event tracking, visibility tracking, social media tracking, and recommendations tracking. Use of these events require a license for the Cxense DMP.

Currently, we use these events to track ad performance (impressions and clicks) from our own ad servers (Cxense Advertising and Cxense Display). We plan to expand the use of Performance Events to track recommendations from Cxense Content, and also for tracking of conversion funnels.

You can use these events yourself to track any aspect of you website. The events are submitted using the /dmp/push method, and it is documented here:

You can also send the events from the browser using the sendEvent helper function:

You can set you own event type, and include any custom information with the event using the customParameters field. Performance Events are synchronized with Page View events using a common value in the prnd field.

You can create audience segments based on the Performance Events, for instance users who have clicked on a particular ad campaign. Look for the Performance Parameters group in the segment creation user interface.

Aggregated performance data is available through new /dmp/traffic APIs. Check the following wiki page for more details:









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    The wiki links are private WTF ??? How are we supposed to develop with this frigging tool if the documentation is hidden, not to mention there's no community support out there, try this simple exercise, go to google and type: "cX.sendEvent" and amaze yourself with the lack of documentation.
    I would not recommend this product, and 'Im going to tell my PM to fuck off this tool, I'm done figuring out these forsaken tools.. stick with google analytics people...

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