Advertising Performance Workspaces

We have introduced a new Performance tab in the Cxense DMP, giving you access to advertising performance workspaces for Cxense Advertising and Cxense Display.

These workspaces show impression and click data for advertising campaigns. For Cxense Advertising, you can view more details for specific ad spaces, individual campaigns, and ads. For Cxense Display, you can look closer at content units, ads, and creatives.

You can also filter workspaces based on ad performance data. Some of the widgets used in the Cxense Advertising and Cxense Display workspaces can also be placed in your own workspaces.

You can create new audience segments in the DMP based on ad performance data, for instance users who have clicked on a particular campaign. Choose the Performance Parameter group, then select a criteria (for instance Campaign) and an appropriate value (for instance a Campaign ID).

To use these new workspaces, you need a license for the Cxense DMP and the respective Cxense ad server. You need to contact Cxense Support to activate the data push from the ad server to the Cxense DMP. For Cxense Display, you will also need to update the ad tag to make sure that the data is correctly captured.



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