Adding a site group and account management

When logged into your Cxense Analytics account, the top menu bar contains navigation between different views of your data, and to the far right, you find a small gears icon.  When you click this, a set of menu options will appear below the navigation menu.

Before a site can be added, there must be at least one Site Group available.

So the first thing you want to do is to create a Site Group, to which you can add sites.

A site group is also referred to as an ‘Account’, ant it is a grouping of multiple sites. Each site can be a member of one or more site groups.

Site groups are used in both the API and GUI to allow generation of reports based on events from all sites in the group.

You can set up many sites and link them to one site group. It is important to understand that the site group is the object on which you assign permissions. This is most conveniently done by chosing the right options when sharing it with others.


Example: If you’re a media company that has two different newspapers called Daily Planet and Action Bulletin News, then you set up two site groups with names like "Daily Planet" and “Action Bulletin News”. Then you share the "Daily Planet"  with the employees of the Daily Planet and “Action Bulletin News” with the employees of Action Bulletin News.

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