Cxense Insight user experience upgrade

On January 15th, 2015, we upgraded the Cxense Insight user experience. The upgrade contains both visual and workflow improvements. Cxense Insight now uses a horizontal bar for navigation. Colors and fonts are aligned with other Cxense products to make the experience more consistent. The new site selector allows you to start typing the name of you site to quickly find a site among all of the sites you have access to.

Access the standard workspaces through the Overview, Content, and Audience menu options. For instance, you'll find the Traffic and Comparison workspaces under Overview, Popularity and Page Statistics are available under Content, and Interests can be found under Audience. Click the Workspaces menu item to access your own and shared workspaces.



On the left hand side, you have access to the new Filters panel. Click Manage Filters if the panel is collapsed. Using this panel, you can interactively filter the content of your workspaces by selecting a combination of filter criteria. The new panel represents a more efficient workflow, and the traffic filter dialog previously available in the navigation bar has been removed.  

The configuration options previously available under the Manage heading, related to Sites and Site Groups, are now available from the gear drop-down in the upper right corner. The recommendations legacy reports and tuning pages have been discontinued and removed. Going forward, features related to Cxense Content will be available in the Content application. 

For Search, you will now access the basic search reporting from the main Application bar. The Site Search preview page is discontinued and has been removed.

We hope you will enjoy the upgraded Cxense Analytics user experience.



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