DMP Audience Segment Targeting and Reporting (October 23, 2014)

We're pleased to announce that Cxense Advertising now supports ad targeting through audience segments created in Cxense CMP.  

Audience segments are a powerful way to categorise your user base into areas of interest for advertisers.  Once defined in Cxense DMP, it is straightforward to use these segments as targeting criteria in Cxense Advertising.  When a user views a page that requests ads, all segments that user belongs to are automatically sent to the Cxense Advertising ad server by Cxense DMP.  An introduction to Cxense DMP and the benefits it can bring your ad network can be viewed here - please talk to your account manager to find out more information.
Instructions on setting up and using Audience segments within Cxense Advertising can be found here.
We hope you find that Audience segment targeting provides an effective way to unlock the value of the premium sections of your user base!
the Cxense team
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