New charts and widgets (October 15, 2014)

Available from October 15, 2015

We are happy to announce that an upcoming release will see the introduction of some new features and updates to the campaign overview page. 


  • Better overview of over and undelivering campaigns
  • Better over of campaign performance


Tons of new widgets

This release sees the introduction of quick-view / summary widgets to the CPC, CPM and Tenancy campaign pages. These widgets allow advertisers to see at a glance the status of important data regarding their campaign performance as well as some limited controls to make quick changes to contracts (flights) such as smoothing and priority.



  Velocity widget (CPM) Shows current contract velocity, status, smoothing and priority. Smoothing and priority are editable.
 Delivery widget (CPM) Shows the current contract's impression delivery performance over the life of the contract.

 24 hour snapshot widget (CPM)


Shows the impression performance over the last 24 hours.

 Status widget (CPC and Tenancy)


Shows the status of the current contract. Priority is editable.

 Budget widget (CPC)



Allows the quick display of budgets and capping. The various budgets can be navigated via the arrow in the top-right.
 Performance comparison widget (CPC)  Shows the current day's effective clicks performance against the same hours for the previous day.

 Delivery widget (Tenancy)

Shows the current progress through the tenancy contract.

 Statistics widget (Tenancy)


Shows basic report numbers for campaigns

 New reporting graphs

All reporting graphs have been updated to contain the graph options (View by Field / View by Object, Month / Week / Day / Hour) within a drop-down menu located at the top-right of the graph.

The graph rendering technology has also been updated to improve load times and performance.






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