How to use the Rising Stars Portait Template

1: If you want this to be your master creative, tick the box. This means that other campaigns can point to this creative, and share creative files and click-through URLs.

2: If you are using the delivery method Sequential delivery or Serve first valid creative, you can determine the order in which the system will deliver the creatives.

You can enter a number between 0 and 100. Lower order numbers are sorted before higher( e.g. a creative with order number 1 will be served before a creative with order number 2).

Please note that by default all order numbers are 0. If you want to use order numbers, you should edit all creatives for that campaign.

If two creatives have the same order number, the creative that was added first will be served first.

3: Give your creative a name. This is the name that will be shown in reports.

4: Enter URL for the logo file or upload a file (JPG, GIF, or PNG). One of these fields must be filled.

5: Add clickURL for the logo image.

6: Enter URL for your primary file or upload a file (SWF).

7: Please note that AS2 is not supported, only AS3.

8: Specify the clickTAG names and values to use with the primary banner.

9: Choose how the browser shall render the Flash banner.

  • Opaque: hides everything behind the Flash banner where it is displayed.
  • Transparent: shows the background through all transparent portions of the banner.
  • Window: plays the movie in its own rectangular window on the web page and is usually the fastest way to render a Flash banner.

10: Under allowScriptAccess for primary banner choose how your Flash banner will communicate with the web page where it is displayed:

  • Always: the Flash banner can communicate with the web page even when the file is served from a different domain.
  • SameDomain the Flash banner can only communicate with the web page if the file is served from the same domain as the web page.
  • Never: the Flash file cannot communicate with the web page at all.

11: If you need additional Flash functionality add them under Extra flash parameters. The parameters should be comma-separated pairs of name=value strings. Example: scale=exactfit,bgcolor=#FF0000.

12: Repeat steps 6 through 10 for the secondary and tertiary banners.

13: Enter URL for the expanded banners or upload a file (SWF).The appropriate size is: 613x460px. Clicktag, wmode, allowscriptacces and extra flash parameters are optional for the expanded banners.

14: Choose what Flash version the browser is required to support in order to display the file. If this number is higher than the version number supported by the browser, or if the browser doesn't support Flash at all, a backup image will be displayed. Choose Flash version 9 or above as this is the minimum requirement.

15: Choose direction to expand the banner.

16: Enter a value for the background color (css). Leave out the ‘#’.

17: Enter URL for backup image or upload a file (JPG, GIF, or PNG) or choose to use a 1x1 pixel as a backup GIF.

18: If you need to use a 3rd party impression tracking pixel enter the URL.

19: if you have additional code that you want to paste before or after the template, click ‘More options’.

20: When done, click ‘Commit’.

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