Improvements and new stuff in Analytics (July 28, 2014)

Dear Customer!

We have done some improvements to our Analytics product, and would like to share these with you. Many of the improvements are already live, but the full effects will take place on Monday, 28th of July. 

The most visible change will be the new Overview/Traffic view:

The other new views are:

  • Custom Parameters
  • Geography
  • Traffic Sources and Exit traffic
  • Device information

We have also moved the “Workspaces” area up a level in the navigation field, to make navigation easier and a bit faster, as you can see here:

New navigation:

Old navigation:

All the new views are created using Workspaces and all the functionality is available there, so feel free to explore all the new possibilities and functions.


More about the upgrades:

Custom parameters:

This is the new view to report the event/unique users count for all Custom Parameters on a site, and replaces the old Custom Parameter reporting in Overview / Traffic. In this new view you get page views and unique users per custom parameter in a table form, and the view is stronger visually and provide you with graphical statistics for your parameters. 


This new view will partly replace the information displayed in the User attention map, and give you a great overview of the different geographic data we have for the site.

Traffic sources & Exit traffic:

This new dedicated view for traffic sources and Exit traffic improves the information that was provided through the “Overview/Traffic”.

Device information:

This new dedicated view for Devices improves and collects some of the information that was previously shown through the Traffic/Overview and the User Attention map.

And some removals:

Some of the above upgrades are overlapping with the old Overview/Traffic and the User Attention map (premium analytics accounts), which is why we have decided to clean up the Overview/Traffic and remove the User Attention Map. This enable us to continue to improve the functionality of Analytics in an efficient a good way. The removal of the UAM was announced last year, but if you do run into situation where you lack certain functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We really hope you will enjoy these updates, and if you have any feedback about the changes we are very interested to hear about them.Any feedback can be forwarded to the Customer support department on: .We value your input!


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