Sites vs Accounts/site groups - Permissions

The term ‘Site’ in Cxense Insight refers to the website you wish to monitor. When you log into Cxense Insight you’re asked to create an "account". This is not another user account. The term ‘Account’ in Cxense Insight refers to a grouping of sites.  You will frequenty see the term "Site Group" in our documentation and wiki.  A "Site Group" is the same as an "Account".  



When you want to give other users access to data about your sites we reccomend using the "Share Site Group" alternative from the menu under the gear icon in Cxense Insight.

When you share a Site Group with another user it will grant access to all of the sites in the group.

There are no permissions on a site itself, all permissions are inherited from the Site Groups the site is a member of. If the user has access to multiple Site Groups that contains the site, the highest level of user rights attributed to the user will be inherited. Site Groups can be shared by giving permissions to other users.

If you want to add an existing site to a Site Group, you will need write access to both the site, the account containing it and the account you want to add it to.

To remove a site form a Site Gropu, all you need is write access to that Site Group. Please note that after a site is removed from a Site Group; you’ll no longer have access to it, unless you have access to another account containing the site.

Here is the Share Site Group dialog box. I twill trigger an email to the user you invite, and if you share a site with an email address not previously registered in Cxense, the invite email will also contain a link to set a password and create a user for the person receiving the email.

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