101 Cxense Ad: system overview and workflow

Cxense Advertsing is set up to bring publishers and advertisers together without the middle man. Thus most often it takes 3 parties to sell an ad space.

1)     A Publisher

2)     An Advertiser

3)     A Broker to mediate and administer the deals.

The image below shows a traditional basic setup of Cxense advertising. There are, however, many different ways to work with Cxense Advertising e.g. by creating a complex system of networks.



Here we will focus on the Broker side of the system. If you are an advertiser looking to create campaigns click here or if you are a publisher wanting to Build Adspaces for you website click here


  1. The first thing you need to do when you login in as a broker is to create “Advertising Products” for sale to Advertisers. A Product can be purchased by an advertiser, and assigned to an AdSpace by a Publisher. The Product may have certain characteristics that are fixed, such as fees, creative types, ranking models and end dates. Products usually have features that may be configured by the Advertisers, such as creative content, targeting data (for example, demographics, keywords) and devices.

    Click here to read how to create a Cost Per Click (CPC) Product. 
    Click here to read how to create a Cost Per Mile (CPM) Product.
  1. Then you as the Broker need to connect the aforementioned Products to the Publisher AdSpaces. You do this by creating a Feed. A "feed of advertisements" being delivered to an AdSpace.  Each Feed contains one or more products which in turn encapsulates many campaigns. Feeds simplify the process of Product-AdSpace mapping by providing a level of indirection between the two. You can think about it a bit like connecting system with wires. The Feeds connect the Products with specific AdSpaces on Publisher websites.

  2. Now invite the Publishers you work with to join your network. If your work within the same media corporation as you may want to send the script by e-mail to your colleague.

  3. Publishers will set up AdSpaces and select which Ad feeds they will 'consume', and if more than one, apply a priority to each feed using drag/drop.

  4. Advertisers purchase Advertising Products based on their needs. E.g. they can choose from:
    • The Advertising type (cpc/cpm/tenancy)
    • The Location where the Ads of that Product are shown (e.g. website A, B, and C)
    • The capability to target their Audience (KW/Geo/Time of Day/ReTargeting ...etc.) The pricing is usually higher the more audience targeting is possible 
    • The Timing of the Product - e.g. an exclusive Christmas product
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