Adding an Account

How to Add an Account access to all sites added to the account.

The first thing to do when you want to monitor a site is to create an Account that you can link the site to.

Go to: ‘Manage’ -> ‘Add account’.

Name your Account and give it a short description.

Adding sites to an Account

The first thing you want to do to start tracking a site is to figure out if it should belong to an existing Account or if a new Account should be set up.

Adding a site to an existing Account

If you already know that your site should belong to an existing account go to:

‘Manage’ -> ‘Add site’

Here you can create your site and select the Account it should belong to.

Creating a site and adding it to a new Account

If your site should be assigned to a new account, you’ll need to create the account first. Go to:

‘Manage’ -> ‘Add account’

Name your account and give a description and click ‘Create account’.

This will take you to the ‘Add site’-page. Enter your site name and the site-URL and select the account you just created as the one the site should be added to.

Naming your Accounts

There are a few considerations to be made when naming and describing your Account, however.

• Account names have a maximum of 32 characters.

• Account description has a maximum 250 characters.

Creating an Account shared with a specific Publishing/AdOp house

Here the smartest naming solution would be to name the Account using the Publishing house name.

o Example: The publisher, the Daily Planet, would like to be able to see the stats on the sites, & Create Account with name ‘Daily Planet USA’ and add the specific sites to it.

Other general considerations regarding names

Adding some form of country identifier to the Account name is a huge help in the general overview of Accounts. Remember, support and admins have a lot more Accounts added, and identifiers make their job a lot easier, and therefore making support for you a lot more effective.

o Example – TV2 is a very popular tv station name in many countries, so naming your Account TV2 Denmark or TV2 (DK) is perfect.

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