What is an Advertiser Helpdesk? (user role)

Advertiser Helpdesk

This is an admin type role that has the 'temporary folder access' permission. These users are employed by the broker to help the advertisers if they are having trouble with a process such as 'my campaign won't publish' etc.

They can:

  • Invite, Create, and manage users and assign the following roles to them:
    • Agency User
    • Advertising Analyst
    • Full Service Advertiser
    • Self Service Advertiser
  • User masquerading
  • View Products, Blocked Keywords, Blocked URL's that sit at their home location (usually the broker's location)
  • Manage accounts they have access to
  • Create/Update/Delete: Campaigns, Ads, Manage Budgets
  • Create/Update Billing Accounts(Prepay only)
  • Import/Export Campaigns
  • View Advertising Performance Report
  • Edit the minimum balance for an account
  • View transaction information and payment information

They cannot:

  • Do anything with the publishing functionality
  • Make payments
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