How do I create a Tenancy campaign?

Tenancy (or sponsorship) Campaigns are purchased by a time period. Cxense Ad supports Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tenancy Campaigns.

Select a Tenancy Advertising Product

  1. Click the Advertising tab
  2. Click the Create Campaign action
  3. Click on one of the available Tenancy advertising products - Read the detailed description of the selected product to determine which Tenancy product you wish to use, click Create Campaign

Add a Creative

The Creatives options are determined by the Product's configuration - you may be allowed one or more options including Text, Image, Flash, Combo, Video, or 3rd Party Creatives.

  1. Click on the blue 'Add Creative' button
  2. Select a creative type of choice (e.g. Text Creative), fill in all mandatory fields, and click save.

You can repeat this process adding as many creatives as you like

Optional - Add Audience Targeting

The Product determines what targeting criteria (if any) can be added to your Campaign. If these criteria are available, you will be able to configure them during campaign creation.

Purchasing / Publishing your campaign

Tenancy products can be purchased by day, week, or month as specified by the Product. The selection of campaign dates will automatically be set to allow day/week/month selections accordingly.

  1. Set the campaign 'flight' start dates by selecting a starting day (or week/month as specified on the product)
  2. Set the campaign 'flight' end dates by selecting an ending day (or week/month as specified on the product)
  3. The form will auto-calculate the selected time units (days/weeks/months) and resulting cost - ensure you have available funds to make the purchase
  4. Click purchase

Once purchased, your Campaign will be syncronised with the Adserver

Preview your creative

To preview your advertisement from the campaign overview, click on the name of your Ad Creative in the Creative list.

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