How do I create a billing account?

Self Service Users can create a single  Billing Account. Advertising Account Managers can create folders each with their own Billing Account (i.e. multiple  Billing accounts).

Before publishing campaigns, you must create a billing account to enable you to pay advertising fees. You can make campaigns at any time, however you can only publish your campaigns once you have a valid billing account.

Create a billing account

  1. Click the Finance tab
  2. Click the Create Billing Account button
  3. Fill in the form with your billing address details
  4. Set the payment method to Pre Pay
  5. Click Save

Note: Self Service Accounts will have a zero balance, in these cases Self Service Advertisers must also make a payment in order to publish Campaigns.

Your Account is now valid, you can proceed to create and publish advertising campaigns. 


Whilst many Advertisers use only one type of Advertising campaign, cx::ad supports 3 main types of campaign. This is a major point of difference to other advertising platforms. 

Create a CPC campaign

In a cost-per-click product model the system manages an auction of advertisement collateral and selects ads based on variables such as a bid price and matching criteria of features such as keywords and/or categories. A well established CPC product/advertising model is a 'CPC Keyword model', however the CPC product model can be applied to any arbitrary set of matching criteria (eg. categories, locations, devices etc.).

Create a CPM campaign

A product of type CPM allows an advertiser to purchase impressions. Forecasting is used to estimate the number of impressions (in units of 1000) available for the spaces associated with that product, and an advertiser can buy up to that total number available (usually in units of 1000).

Create a Tenancy campaign

Tenancy is the concept of an advertiser buying a position for a set period of time for a campaign. A particular position may be shared with x number of advertisements, called slots. Tenancy positions are sometimes referred to as placements, and are generally for 'high visibility' websites.


Please note, sandbox (testing) environments do not have a live payment system. In order to activate your finance account in a sandbox you must be configured as outlined below using an admin user role.

  1. Sign in as the broker User, with the Username and Password provided by your cXense Representative
  2. Click the Manage tab >> Click manage accounts.
  3. Click your billing account name you specified in 'create a billing account' above
  4. Click the link within the "Account Balance Impact" column
  5. Ensure "Campaigns cannot run unless the account balance is zero"is not selected.
  6. Click Submit
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