How to create a CPM (Cost Per Mille) Product?

The following steps are the quickest way to setup a simple CPM Product.

  1. Click the Feeds & Products tab
  2. Select Products from the Left Hand Menu
  3. Click the Create Product button to the top right of the products list
  4. Select the CPM product Type, click next
  5. Type a name for the Product
  6. Enter a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) amount
  7. Specify a description for the product (This is what the Advertiser will see)
  8. Click Save

The following items are optional, and provide more advanced configurations.

Optional Configuration

  • Enter a setup fee (an optional once-off fee to charge Advertisers on initiation of their campaign)
  • Select Weighted CPM Ranking Model if you wish to create a targeted CPM product
  • Set Start &/or End Dates (the dates the product will Start & Stop showing ads)
  • Specify a Future For Sale Start Date (the first day an Advertiser can purchase this product)

Note the product will require a Creative Template to be valid: Add a Creative Template to a Product.

You may also wish to add targeting templates: Add a Matching Template to a Product to allow your advertiser's to target their intended Audience more specifically.

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