What is a Full-Service Advertiser? (user role)

Full-Service Advertiser

This role is assigned to users who are going to be viewing items, but can't really create/update them. The typical use-case is for an agency to invite Full service users to be able to log in and view their campaigns/ads etc to see how they are performing, but not be able to modify anything.

They can:

  • Invite users and assign the following roles:
    • Full Service Advertiser
  • View: Campaigns, Ads, Billing Accounts, Transaction history
  • View Advertising Performance Report

They cannot:

  • Do anything in the publishing or product side of functionality
  • Create most things. They are effectively a read-only user.

Invite only role

Users can be created (see Create User) with this role only if a role that grants them the ability to create inventory in the system is also chosen.

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