What is an Agency User? (user role)

Agency User

A standard user of an agency.

To create a new Agency (User), The broker must add either 'Advertiser account manager' or 'Publisher Account Manager'. This additional selection applies the type of Agency being created - Advertising or Publishing.

They can:

  • Gains access to System Advertising Performance(SAPr) & System Publishing Performance (SPPr).
  • Gains Create User Capability
  • Loses ability to 'Advertise' (loses all reference to publishing or advertising)
  • Gains access to:
    • Manage Users
    • Disable Sub User(i.e. Users that were created by the agency - could be either or both Advertisers & Publishers) accounts (Stop them logging in)
    • Temp folder access of 'sub accounts'
    • Change User Details / reset passwords / ...
    • Finance Account Management - Ability to
    • View All finance accounts for All 'Sub Users'
    • Manage Tax Settings for Sub Users
    • NO Credit / Debit the the Sub User Finance Accounts
    • Disable the sub User Finance Accounts
    • Set Pre/ Post pay
    • Set min balance
    • View transaction history of Sub User Accounts
  • Role Allocation - Agency users can grant:
    • Advertiser account manager
    • Publisher Account Manager
    • Full Service Ad / Pub
    • Self Service Ad / Pub
    • Agency

They cannot:

  • Product Creation
  • Blocked Keywords nor URLS
  • Editorial Control
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