Audience Targeting Options

Cxense Ad supports a wide variety of Audience Targeting options. These are specified per-product via Matching Templates. Matching Templates therefore specify how the Advertisers can target their audience based on the configuration of a particular product. 

A Product may have many different matching templates, but only one of each matching type.

Adding a Matching Template

The process of adding any Matching template follows a similar pattern, with each template type having type-specific variations. The following steps highlight the general usage, with further type-specific details provided below.

  1. Click the Feeds & Products tab
  2. Click the Products item from the Left Hand Side Menu
  3. Select a Product from the Product list
  4. Select an item from the Matching Templates list within the LEft hand side sidebar (e.g. Keywords, Devices etc.). The Template will be added to the Product Page below the Product Overview information.
  5. Set a template name
  6. Select available scope options - Scope specifies where Advertisers can add this targeting information
  7. Click Save

Read on for Type-Specific configuration details

Keyword Template

  1. Optional: You can specify per-keyword floorprices by selecting the 'set custom' link, then add keywords specifying their floorprice.

Day Parting Template

  1. Optional: Choose how many Day Parts an Advertiser can add to their campaigns

Geography Template

  1. Optional: Choose whether to include 'containing areas' or not.

Site Targeting Template

There is no custom configuration for Site Targeting

Retargeting Template

  1. Choose whether to specify an ontology, or allow Advertisers to create any information they want.

Device Targeting Template

There is no custom configuration for Device Targeting

To test your product, you may want to test purchase the product as an advertiser: Create a CPC campaign | Create a CPM campaign | Create a Tenancy campaign

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