How do I create an AdSpace?

AdSpaces allow publishers to serve advertisements on their websites.

If you do not already have a earnings account, Create an earnings account to accrue revenue.

  1. Click the Publishing tab
  2. Click the Create AdSpace button
  3. Select the toggle button for each Ad Feed as required based on the Creative Formats, Ad Unit Dimensions, and Matching capabilities for each Ad Feed, click proceed to finalise your AdSpace
  4. Enter a name for the AdSpace
  5. Specify a Total Width and Height based on the available space on your website/app
  6. Choose the number of Ads to show, noting the resultant Ad Width & Ad Height dimensions, and the 'layout preview' visual reference.
  7. If you choose more than one Ad, you will also need to specify how the ads will 'stack' - horizontally of vertically. Note the layout preview will reflect your selection as a guide.
  8. Click Save


Your AdSpace is now Saved, and you can copy-paste the Ad Tag into a website (see "Embedding the Ad Tag" reference below)

Optional AdSpace Configuration

  • Enter a minimum click price (the lowest click price for a CPC Ad that you will accept for an advertisement to be shown on this adSpace)
  • Specify a Behavioural (User Interest) and Contextual (Page Contexet) relative weight to prioritise these matching types if required
  • Optional: Select a time zone
  • Optional: Select a target for the Ad Click

Before deploying to a live website, we recommend that you test the configuration of the AdSpace.

Testing your AdSpace

  1. Select 'AdSpace Diagnostics' from the Actions menu
  2. If your AdSpace uses an Ad Feed with untargeted Ads and your AdSpace is synchronised correctly, Advertisements will appear. The 'diagnostic info' field (if available) will provide further diagnostic information along with each advertisement.
  3. If your AdSpace has a CPC product assigned, you will need to provide a keyword to match in order to receive advertisements.

Embedding the Ad Tag into a website

The following steps may require your system administrator as they require write access to your website(s).

  1. Select the Ad Tag menu item from the left hand side menu
  2. Copy the Generic Ad Tag, and paste the code snippet into your website where you want the advertisements to show.
  3. Publish the webpage and ensure Advertisements are shown.

Generating a Dynamic 3rd party Ad Tag from your AdSpace

You can opt to use your AdSpace as a 'dynamic Advertisement' to embed in a 3rd party Platform. Refer to the Usage guide in the User Interface for further details.

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