How do I create a Cost Per Click (CPC) campaign?

Advertising Campaigns require a billing account in order to charge for campaign delivery. If you do not already have a billing account, Create a billing account before proceeding

Step 1 - Create a campaign

  1. Click the Advertising tab
  2. Click the blue Create Campaign button
  3. Choose a CPC product from the products available to you, and click the appropriate 'create Campaign' button. The description of each product will explain the relevant costing, reach, and placement information for each product.
  4. Click on the 'Untitled Campaign' Page title and type a name for the campaign and press save

Step 2 - Add a Creative

The Creatives options are determined by the Product's configuration - you may be allowed one or more options including Text, Image, Flash, Combo, Video, or 3rd Party Creatives.

  1. Click on the blue 'Add Creative' button
  2. Select a creative type of choice (e.g. Text Creative), fill in all mandatory fields, and click save. You can repeat this process adding as many creatives as you like

Step 3 - Target your Audience

The ability for your campaign to target an audience is specified on the Ad Product selected in step 1 above. The targeting criteria may be applied to the campaign affecting all Ads, or to individual Advertisements where it applies only to that single Advertisement.

Add Keywords

    • Click Add some Keywords now
    • Type some keywords into the keywords text box, one per line. Use 'Inline match type', to automatically add the keywords using the Keyword notation (see the blue help dialogue for details). Alternatively select a specific match type for all keywords you have entered
    • Optional: Select the keyword language (the language selection will be defaulted to your User's locale specification)
    • Enter a bid amount
    • Click the blue Add Keywords button

Step 4 - Set an advertising budget

Add a budget to ensure your Campaign will not overspend

      1. Select 'Manage finance budget' from the Actions Menu
      2. Type in a budget amount
      3. Select the time period for your budget (one of Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Indefinite)
      4. Select required delivery smoothing setting
      5. Click Save
      6. The Budget widget will be present on your Campaign so you can observe the isobars slowly reducing over the time period, and as the budget total counts down to zero.

Budgets can be set at the Account, Campaign, and Ad levels as required.

Purchasing / Publishing your CPC Campaign

The campaign must be published before it is shown. This process enables you to review your campaign's Ads, creatives and targeting before going live.

  • Click the publish button on the campaign page.
  • Optional: set a go-live date in the future by clicking the "add specific flight dates", then add your required flight dates
  • Click the blue Publish button

Your campaign is now published, and will be live after syncing with the AdServer.

Additional Delivery Configuration

Cxense Ad also offers additional delivery options, which can be added in the same way.

  • Click Capping - specify a maximum number of clicks per day/week/month
  • User Capping - specify a maximum number of Impressions per User per day/week/month
  • Campaign Capping - specify a maximum number of Impressions per day/week/month

Previewing your ad

You can preview your Advertisement Creative by clicking on the name of the Creative in the Creative list.

You can also preview your creative on a live website by selecting the eye icon in the Actions column of the Creative list. OPnce you have clicked the live preview button, simply browse to a website where you expect your Ads to show - note, live preview will be available for 5 minutes after initiated.

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