How to create a Cost Per Click Product?

The following steps are the quickest way to setup a simple CPC Product.

  1. Click the Products & Feeds tab
  2. Click Product on the left hand side.
  3. Then click the "Create Product" button
  4. Select the CPC product Type, Click Next
  5. Type a name for the Product
  6. Select Yield Based Cost model
  7. Set a Minimum floorprice (optional)
  8. Select Yield Based Ranking Model
  9. Specify a description for the Product (This is what the Advertiser will see when selecting this Product)
  10. Click Save

You must also add either a Keyword or Retargeting Template to the product: Add a Matching Template to a Product to enable Advertisers to add their bids (and therefore specify their Cost Per Click price).

The following items are optional, and provide more advanced configurations.

Optional Configuration

  • Enter a setup fee (an optional fee to charge Advertisers on initial publishing of the campaign)
  • Enter an Ongoing Cost, and time frame ( an optional fee to charge Advertisers on an ongoing time basis (day/week/month/year))
  • Set a running Start / End Date - this specifies when the PRoduct will start and stop serving advertisents
  • Specify the Product Visibility, and select the Advertiser Roles who can see the product
  • Specify a For Sale end Date (the last day the product is purchase-able)

Note the product will require a Creative Template to be valid ( Add a Creative Template to a Product).

You may also wish to add more Matching templates: Add a Matching Template to a Product to allow your advertisers to target their Audience more specifically.

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