My recommendations widget shows pages that should not show up. How can I remove them?


Cxense tracks user interactions across all pages that has the Cxense Analytics javascript placed on them, and crawl, analyze and index this content in the index used to serve recommendations.

A lot of these pages may contain content that should not come back as recommendations.  The content to exclude is different for different use cases, but typical examples are front pages, section fronts, image galleries, expired events etc.  There is a variety of approaches available to blacklist, depending on the volume and extent of the exclusions.

By default Cxense will only display pages that are identified as articles in recommendations.

Exclusion Strategies

For deleted content

By default Cxense will not delete content automatically. For pages which are gone (deleted) completely, send an /profile/content/delete API call with the URL of the deleted content.

HTML Markup

The recommended approach to prevent content from coming back as recommendations is to mark up the html of the pages with the cXenseParse:recs:recommendable tag as described in the Cxense Content - Review and Refinement section.

Optional an explicit API call to /profile/content/push, with the just changed URL could be made, to force Cxense to reprocess the page ASAP.

Query Filtering

If the sections of excluded content frequently changes or are difficult to update, or if different Cxense Content widgets will deliver different parts of the content, exclusions can also be done as part of the content configuration. This is done by appending an "and not" fragment to the content-configuration query parameter as described on Content settings object

Example: Request all content except what is stored under the top level sport section 

"query": "query(\"*\") and not query(category0:\"sport\")"

Backend Exclusion Rules

However, if there are sections of your site where it is impractical to tag every page with the cXenseParse:recs:recommendable tag and/or the number of pages in that section is very large, you can contact to have the section added to content exclusion lists so they are not placed in the recommendations engine.

For sections of the page that is currently not used for recommendations, but might be used at a later stage, it is better to apply query side filtering using the p_aq parameter.

Exclude individual articles through API usage

Cxense offers "override exclusion" of articles by using the Cxense /profile/content API. This can be used in situations where there is either no direct access to the CMS rendering the HTML content, or where the content must be removed before it would be practical to have the change made to the HTML.

  • See the /profile/content API documentation for more background details for how the API works, but this is a specific example to this usage. Check API authentication how to install and use
    The placeholders are:
    • site_group_id - analytics account id (technical term: site group) owning the site where the article is hosted
    • site_id - site id owning the article
    • url - the url for the page to remove from recommendations


$ /profile/content/external/update '{"siteGroupId":"<site_group_id>", "siteId":"<site_id>", "configuration" :{ "<url>": { "match": "exact", "mode": "enrich", "profile": [ { "item": "false", "groups": [ { "group" : "recs-override-recommendable"} ]  } ] } }}'
  • If the change must become effective within a few minutes, either log into the Cxense Analytics UI and click the refetch button for the article, or use the /profile/content/push API to recrawl the article right away.  Otherwise it will be updated the next time the article is automatically recrawled, which depends on i.e. the number of page views it currently gets.
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