How do I upload my custom Dictionaries to be updated in the system?

Updating Dictionaries

After you finish preparing your custom dictionaries, the next step is to upload them to our system to have your changes reflected in your cluster. The first thing you will need for this task is one of both scripts that will make it much easier to communicate with the Cxense Analytics API.

Both scripts are and instructions how to use them are available through the link below:

  • or

In order to use these scripts you will need to edit them with your username and API Key, both of which can be found by click on your username in the top-right corner when you are logged into, as shown below:

Note that you need to use the full API key string, from the "api" up to the "=="

Last, you will need to call the script using an unique workerGroup ID that identifies your processing node for your dictionary in our system. Each one of your custom dictionaries (synonyms, suggest-whitelist, suggest-blacklist, spell-whitelist) will have its own workerGroupId, and they will be provided to you by the support team after your Cxense Processing account is setup.

Once you have all of this ready (scripts with username/API Key and spreadsheets for your custom dictionaries), then you just need to call the script, passing the proper workerGroupId along with the filename of the Excel workbook containing the custom dictionary you want to upload or update, as shown in the example below:

$ python update 9888832340629307095 Synonyms.xlsx
// or with the shell script
$ ./ upload Synonyms.xlsx 9888832340629307095

More information about the process of updating dictionaries in Cxense Processing can be found here or along with the help message of

Example Workbooks

Below are example workbooks for each type of dictionary, which already have the property worksheets with configurations for matching and also include some sample terms. These workbooks can be downloaded and used as a starting point for your custom dictionaries:

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