Why is my campaign loading slowly?


This could be caused by a number of reasons:

  • Is the Campaign a third-party campaign? Try to call the campaign directly, and check where the creatives (images, flash files, etc) are stored. If they are stored on a third-party server, Cxense Display can't do anything to improve performance. Please contact the third-party company.
  • There is a problem in your browser. Try some other sites, and if they are slow too, restart your browser.
  • There is a network congestion between you and the adserver. Try to access the booking system. If that is slow too, the reason is probably network congestion. Please try our Diagnosis tools, and contact Cxense Display if you can't resolve the problem.
  • The adservers of Cxense Display have load problems. The diagnosis tools should give a good idea of where the problem is. Contact Cxense Display.
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