What characters can I use in Cxense Display?

In most cases Cxense Display will allow you to use any type of character. But in some certain features, Cxense Display will in only allow a specific range of characters: These features are:

In these features the valid characters are:


Special characters - everything after z - behave differently depending on the site setup. Cxense Display expects all characters to be latin-1 encoded. If the site instead uses UTF-8, you need to add a special parameter to the ad call:;cu=0000;cre=mu;js=y;target=_blank;cat1=CatÅÄÖ

To make sure that special characters are always sent the way you expect them, the preferred solution is to percent encode them. Again, this can be done both using the latin-1 method, and the UTF-8 method. If UTF-8 is used, the parameter encoding=utf-8 must be added to the ad call.

The characters & and / must always be percent encoded if used inside a category shortname, searchword, keyword or name-value pair.



CharacterLatin 1utf-8
å %E5 %C3%A5
ä %E4 %C3%A4
ö %F6 %C3%B6
æ %E6 %C3%A6
ø %F8 %C3%B8
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