How do I use Click-to-call in my mobile ads?


Link to a phone number using a tel: link. A tel: link is like an http: link, but it will call a phone number instead of open a web page when you click it.

In an HTML creative, use an <a> tag with a tel: link like this:

<a href="tel:+46-1234-4567">Click here to call</a>

With an image or flash creative, enter a click url with a tel: link like this



  • Most modern devices support Click-to-Call, but make sure the target device supports it before using it in a Campaign.
  • Do not write http: or // in a tel: link. This will break the link.
  • Include the country code (e.g. +46) in the phone number, so that the link will work for international callers.
  • Some mobile devices do not support blank spaces in the phone number (use the dash sign, -, instead of blank spaces to visually separate blocks of numbers). Also avoid # and *
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