Why is my newly made campaign not showing?


Make sure that the Campaign has the status of Active in Cxense Display.

When you are completely satisfied with the campaign you must change its status to Approved.

After Approving the campaign you must wait until the system is updated, which happens once an hour on the hour before the campaign changes becomes Active.

This means that if you approve the campaign at 1:15 you will have to wait until 2:00 until the changes goes into effect and if you correct something at 4:05 you will have to wait until 5:00, etc.

If you have an urgent issue and the campaign has to go live asap you have the possibility of pushing a campaign live. This is done by going to the campaign overview and clicking ‘Push this Campaign to admatchers’ which is located at the bottom right corner under Tasks.

Because doing this is requires a lot of resources from the system you should only push campaigns when it is absolutely necessary and furthermore it is not possible to push campaigns 10 minutes before the hourly update.

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