Subscribing to notifications about Service Incidents

The Cxense Support Portal is based on Zendesk, and there is a built in mechanism for receiving notifications about updates to articles that are published there.    Cxense recommend all our customers to subscribe to the status pages with the title "Systems status right now - <Product name>". 

This is how you do it.

  • Go to our help center's main page:
    The page looks like this:
  • For each of the services you want to receive service incident notifications from, you do the following.
  1. Click the name of the product in the frame named "SYSTEM STATUS"
  2. On the page you arrive at, click the "Follow" button up to the right on the page.  The button is highlighted in yellow in the picture below.   When you click the button, it changes it's label to "Unfollow". 

In the event of a service incident, the "System status right now - product" are updated for each impacted product.   You will receive an email from the address:  "".

Cxense Support recommends that you instrument your inbox to make these notifications visible, and prevent the emails from ending up in the spam folder.


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