HTML 5 Creatives and MRAID support + 3 new UI features

Dear customers,

We’re happy to announce new features and significant changes for Cxense Advertising that have been released in recent months.

HTML5 creatives

Now you may enter and render HTML code as creative. This initial version is simple and shall be expanded to meet industry standards in the future. We highly appreciate your feedback on

For details please check Cxense Wiki article. 

MRAID support

MRAID is the common API for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps. This is a standardized set of commands that developers creating rich media ads use to communicate what those ads do (expand, resize, get access to device functionalities such as the accelerometer, etc.) with the apps into which they are being served.

Cxense Advertising now provides the possibility to use MRAID functions in your application.

For details please check Cxense Wiki article.

 Improved campaign timeline

Recently we did an improvement of Campaign Audit. Now you may see changes for related Ad Space, Broker Container, Product, Feed. Please note that the user viewing the timeline can only see object changes for objects they have permission to view - for example, if the advertiser user was viewing it then they would not see the ad space or fraud setting changes.

docRef column in UI

Now you may activate displaying of docRef (object ids)  to be shown in all data tables. This setting is not role dependant and applies to all of the brokers users. This will be useful e.g. if you often copy campaign/advertisement/ad space ids from CxAd UI. Note that this setting is available for Business Owner and System Administrator roles only.

Please see the instruction for activation in Cxense Wiki.

Destination URL preview

We’ve added a possibility to preview destination page for the creative.

For details please check Cxense Wiki.

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