Google DFP Segment Export - new GUI and the old one depreciated

The Connectivity section of Cxense DMP currently have two menu items for Google DFP segment export functionality.  

The new GUI is found behind "Google DFP" and the old GUI is found at "Google DFP Segment Export".


The old GUI soon to dissappear

This GUI will be depreciated and removed on 2017-03-21


The new GUI

The new GUI is already accessbile, and comes with some new features.  You can start using it immediately. The new GUI is shown in the screenshot below.


 The new UI enable you to make use of several improvements, such as 

  1. ability to schedule export (there is no longer a need to press export every time)
  2. ability to export only some segments from siteGroup
  3. white listing of users

We have updated our Wiki with information about  Whitelisting of users ana a brand new uder guide:  Google+DFP+Integration#GoogleDFPIntegration-New'GoogleDFP'section

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