2017.01.02 - 13.59 UTC timezone Service Incident

Service Incident January 02 - 18:25 13:47+1

Our engineering team is working on investigating an outage impacting the Booking 3 Server.

Update 02-Jan-2017 14:51 GMT+1

Currently, a new machine is being setup and the data is being restored from a backup. R&D team expects to complete this before midnight (Finnish time-zone).

Update 02-Jan-2017 22:31 GMT+1

All the data has been recovered and campaigns are being updated to the adservers. Around 00:30 (Finnish time-zone) everything should be back if it goes according to the plan.

Update 02-Jan-2017 22:58 GMT+1

The booking interface API has been enabled. The reporting data and ISM data is still being reimported from the ad servers: Unique users' data is just for the last 10 weeks.

Update 03-Jan-2017 3:54 GMT+1

The reporting data that is still missing is:

  • Unique user data before 2016:11:16
  • The reporting data per device (platform/browser/os)


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